Students Council(2015-16)

Principal / Director – Chairman – Dr. Arun R. Patil
One Lecturer nominated by the Principal - Prof. Anjum A. Patel
Teacher In charge of National Cadet corps -
National Service Scheme Officer - Dr. B. R. Rode
One student of each Class, who has shown Academic Merit at the Examination held in the preceding year & who is engaged in Full time studies in the College, nominated by the Principal .

Class Student name
FY B.Com Pradnya eknath Bhuwad
SY B.Com Shikha Maheshwari
TY B.Com Pooja Mutha
FY B.Sc.Comp Sci Bhagyashree Porwal
SY B.Sc.Comp Sci Jyoti agarwal
SY B.Sc.Comp Sci Shivkanya More
FY B.C.A Pradnya M Basinwar
SY B.C.A Atharv Joshi
TY B.C.A Aakash Mandel
FY B.B.A Kartik Shah
SY B.B.A Aishwarya Gundesha
TY B.B.A Moonmoon Sinha
FY M.Sc .Comp.Sci Venkatesh Pujari
SY M.Sc. Comp.Sci Ruchita Patane
F.Y.M.C.A Bijal Jadhav
S.Y M.C.A Sayali Labade
Director of Sports & Physical Education -Mr. Rohit Patil
One student of each of the following activities, who has shown outstanding performance, nominated by the Principal
    1. Sports - Ms. Neha Rane
    2. National Service Scheme & Adult Education - Siddharth More
    3. National Cadet Corps.
    4. Cultural Activities - Shailuv D Shah
Two Ladies Student Members, nominated by the Principal or Director :
    1. Ms. Simran Gaikwad
    2. Ms. Vaijayanti Badade

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